Monday, November 14, 2011

Settled into Maintenance!

I'm sorry it's been a while since my last post. There's not a whole lot to report regarding Briley at this time. No news is good news!!! She had a blood draw last Thursday to check counts. Her ANC was 2000! Everything else looked good also! She was still getting sick and vomiting in the mornings last week unless we gave her Zofran as soon as she got out of bed. I didn't think about the nausea meds this morning, but she did fine all day. No nausea!!! I'm hoping that her little body has grown accustomed to the chemo. She has also started playing a lot more in the mornings!
Two Saturdays ago, we ran out of her chemo. It takes a special pharmacy to fill it, and of course, no one is open on the weekend. After a call into Cooks, the doctor said the ER could fill her Rx. One problem, we would have to drive down there to pick it up. Thankfully, we found someone coming from Ft. Worth to Seymour that could pick it up. With a little begging over the phone with Cooks, they were allowed to pick up the chemo and bring it to Seymour. Thank you Eric, Pam, and Rilda!!
Her next appointment is on the 29th. It will just be for count check, port flush, and doctor visit. It is really hard to believe that she will only get chemo at Cooks every 3 months! That day before her appointment, we will visit the offices of the folks that are granting her wish for a pizza & frito pie party! We are looking forward to meeting everyone, although I doubt they'll get much work done with Briley & Bryson running around terrorizing the place! Thank you for your continued support & prayers!

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