Friday, August 26, 2011

I know, it's been a while since.......

our last post. I had a complaint about that tonight, so I figured I'd better write an update (thanks Alice)! Briley is doing wonderful! She's been getting weekly CBC's done to check counts. Her hemoglobin and platelet counts are wonderful! Her ANC is doing better. It is slowly creeping up. Her last CBC was on Tuesday. ANC then was 630. It has to be over 750 to start the next phase, so she is close. She will get another CBC done tomorrow. Hopefully it will be over 750 and she will be able to start the next phase of treatment on Monday. I consider a ANC of 750 to be a major milestone for Briley. #1 - she will have conquered the worse phase of chemo treatment without complications or running fever and being hospitalized. #2 - at 750, she will have topped that mountain! From there on out will be all downhill! No more "expected" Ronald McDonald House stays. No more very low ANC's. She has been couped up in the house since June. She will finally be able to go outside to play. Go to the grocery store. Go to church and CCD. Take dance class. Play with other kids. Sit in the stands at football games. I am super excited about all of this! She has missed out on so much this summer, but the isolation is about to end! Thank you Jesus! That's good, because I've get back outside myself and lose the 25lbs that I've gained since June!!!!
Most kids end up hospitalized at some point during Delayed Intensification phase that she just went through. She was not. We stopped praying for her counts to go up. Instead we prayed for bone marrow recovery and had faith God would heal her as He sees fit. And He did.

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