Monday, August 1, 2011

Briley's Thank You!!

Briley was talking about her blog, and she wanted to thank everyone for praying for her and she also wants everyone to know she loves them!! She also wants everyone to pray for her!!


  1. Briley, Mom, & Dad,
    I have been sorta been out of touch with you guys, we are in Goree now. I don't know if i am going to be a very good "country girl" or not, i've never lived in the country, but maybe when it cools down it will be better. Sounds like Briley is doing fairly good with the chemo, thats great. We have not forgotten you, NO WAY, just been busy with Cole while Kim & Rick are in Russia getting his baby brother (we hope)
    Friday is court day when a judge makes the deciding fate for a little boy's future. I pray you will have a million, zillion days of feeling good................God Bless You ~~ love, sue

  2. Briley:

    This is Jeanne' and Gary, your neighbors from down the highway. You are in our prayers. Looking forward to your getting all better!

    Take care of yourself. You are very brave and you have many people looking up to you.

    The Snyder's

  3. Briley you are such a little angel! Keep fighting bravely because our prayers are flowing into heaven for you.


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!