Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good news, good news!!

Briley had the CBC done on Friday. All of her counts were good! Hemoglobin - 11.1, Platelet - 345,000, ANC - 1150! What this all means for her is that it should be all downhill from here on out! Sure it will be a gentle slope downwards, but she's topped that hill! She can now start being a kid. I'm excited that she will be able to go to Church with us today!
Briley starts the next phase of Interim Maintenance II tomorrow. She is scheduled for 7:15 in the morning. We will leave out of Seymour around 4:30. She will first go to clinic for port access and blood draw and then down to the procedure area for a spinal tap and then back to clinic for more chemo. It's hard to imagine having a spinal tap done would be considered on the "downhill" side of things, but it has become so routine that she no longer cries about it.
The only thing we are worried about is the chemo she will be getting this phase and her walking. It's the same chemo she's gotten before that has affected her walking and running, making her somewhat prone to tripping because it turns her right foot inward while walking.
She will have 5 treatments during this phase, every 10 days. The phase ends towards the end of October and then she will be in Maintenance! Please continue to keep her in your prayers to help her through this phase of treatment.
Oh-yeah, her hair is really starting to come in! Looks like it may be blonde again! Thanks!

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  1. GOD IS SO GOOD !!!!!!! I am so happy for this special little girl & for her Mommy & Daddy.....



Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!