Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I had a big surprise last night. Both Alicia and Briley came home with "above the shoulder" length hair. Both Alicia and Briley have always had long hair so I was shocked to see them with the short hair. I must say that I like it!
Both girls will be donating the hair to Children with Hair Loss! The program is similar to Locks of Love, however CwHL have donated wigs to a couple of Briley's friends at Cooks, so we decided to donate to them. Who knows, maybe Briley will get a wig made out of her own hair!
Briley's hair still hasn't fell out completely and you really can't notice how thin it is until it's wet.
We will be heading back to Cooks on Monday for a spinal tap and then to the clinic for chemo. It will be a long day and one step closer to the final treatment.

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