Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another trip to Cooks, things are well!

It has been a while since the last post. Things have been going great. Briley is gaining so much strength! She will climb up stairs and say, "look mom & dad! my legs are getting strong"! She has been pretty close back to normal. Although, her & Bryson miss playing with other kids at daycare. I sure wish they could go. It would do both of them alot of good. Maybe they can have some friends came over to play every now and then. Briley had her scheduled appointment at Cooks yesterday. Both of Briley's friends Lianna and Gracie were at clinic also! It was good seeing them at the clinic and not in the hospital. Briley gave them both a tutu and all 3 strutted around the clinic during treatment! Briley's ANC dropped from 3500 to 1200. It's still good at 1200, she's not in complete isolation. The doctor said that her counts shouldn't drop much more than that. Doc was also very impressed with Briley's response to her treatment! I think she is doing so good thanks to Bryson and the little terror that he is! Briley's new favorite eating place is Taco Bueno. So we stop every time at Lake Worth and get her a bean & cheese burrito. That's good, I sure was getting tired of McDonalds! Briley has been diagnosed for 3 months now. It's been 3 months worth of chemo. She still has 2 years & 3 months to go. It's just hard to imagine that it will take that long, especially after seeing how well she is doing now. I know we can make it, but it will take a heavy toll on us emotionally. Please continue to pray for her. As long as we can stay on the treatment plan without road blocks then we are doing great! So far, so good. Lets pray it stays that way! Thanks!

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