Thursday, March 3, 2011

We are back home, sort of

Briley did very well over night and was awakened by a breathing treatment. She does not like breathing treatments, especially when they wake her from a dead sleep. Her O2 sats did well overnight and into this morning. We were discharged around 10:30am. Alicia left early to drive back to Seymour for class pictures with her students and to interview with Channel 3 KFDX! Mean while, dad drove down to Ft. Worth to pick me & Briley up. She had a great day. She played a lot at the hospital. Once we got over to Nana's house, Briley and Bryson played like never before. They were so good together!
We will have to go back to Ft. Worth for Briley's next spinal tap and chemo next Wed. We hope that Briley can avoid sickness until then. She is so fragile right now it's almost scary being home.
We appreciate KFDX for the story on the news today and kuddos to the kiddos at the elementary school for the great support shown today! Thanks! I know today was a day that Alicia will not forget!

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