Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update Wednesday 3/2

I'm am running a day behind on updating, so we'll do two updates today. Yesterday Briley had a spinal tap with chemo injection and also a couple other chemo treatments. After the procedure, we stayed in recovery a little longer than usual since her O2 was low. She had a couple of breathing treatments until her O's came up enough to go back to the room. She made it through the procedure just fine and had a great day. After getting back to the room, she got out of bed and played basically all day. She also got a good night's rest and we are waiting to be discharged today! The guys working hard putting floors in the house should be done on Friday, but Briley will have to stay in Munday until Sunday at the earliest to give the dust in the house time to settle. Plus will have to move all the furniture back in this weekend. We are really looking forward to all 4 of us being together at home again. It has been a long hard month and a half so far and we will keep moving forward until she wins this battle! We are ready to see everyone on Saturday!


  1. Briley, Mommy & Daddy, God is so good all the time. We are so thankful for His love, His Mercy, & His Grace shown to this precious child, please Lord continue to wrap your arms around her & heal her.
    sue & bob

  2. I would like to help her more and more each day,
    but I live to far to help>But I PRAY,LOVE,AND HOPE for her


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!