Thursday, January 10, 2013

Briley's very last ortho visit!

The kids & I traveled down to Cooks today for Briley's post-op check-up.  It was unusually quiet at the clinic today, not a whole lot of people around for some reason.  In fact, we were the only ones in the waiting area, and we didn't wait long at all to go back!   The doc came in after he read her x-rays and said everything looked great.  He asked how she was doing with her walking and pain.  I told him that she is pain free and walking great!  He said that she was good to go and that he didn't need to see her again!!!! Awesome news!  No more orthopedic appointments!  I thanked the doc for everything he has done and thanked him for being a great doctor.  Most of all, we thank our Lord & Savior the Great Physician!  
We are very glad to be done with this chapter in our lives.  Now we can focus on the oncology side of things.  The kids have been staying home and out of school.  There is so much sickness going around right now that I have no doubt that we are doing the right thing.  We struggled to figure out who would keep the kids when Alicia or I couldn't, but once again, God heard our need and lead us to an amazing person that can come over to the house to watch the kids!  It's all working out great!
However, Briley is missing school in a bad way.  She wants to go back so bad and I do feel sorry for her.  She had a melt down this morning wanting to go to school.  "What if my friends forget about me", she said crying.  I know this is only temporary, and she will soon be back as soon as the flu has made it's rounds.  I can't wait until she can be back to doing normal things without having to worry this or that.
Here is a picture of Briley and her ortho doc after today's great news!

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  1. I am glad to learn that the VGo from ESC 9 is in the works of allowing her to be more interactive with her classmates so they do keep in touch directly, but minus the germs!



Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!