Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Busy Busy

Things are starting to get busy around here.  Alicia is getting her classroom ready.  I'm getting ready to go back to school.  Briley will be starting kindergarten next week!  It's a very exciting time for all of us as you can imagine.  Bryson will also start going back to daycare full time.  He's only been to daycare a hand full of times since Briley's diagnoses, so I'm just a little worried about how he will do with it, but it will be good for him.
Alicia and I are getting busy with the CureSearch walk.  We have registration forms for those of you that rather do it the old way and not online!  
KFDX 3 will be doing one more story on Briley next week.  They will do a story on her progress while at school!  Stay tuned!
Briley's walking continues to improve.  Her dance class will start up next month and she's super excited about that!  She had a CBC done over the weekend and her counts look great!  That's about all I have to report this time, until next, God bless!

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