Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Briley goes to Kindergarten & Bryson to daycare!

Monday was a very exciting day for all of us!!!!  Briley went to kindergarten!!!!  Bryson also went back to daycare!!!  I (John) also started Paramedic school (not so excited about that)!  Anyway, having the kids going to school/daycare is a huge milestone for all of us!  The kids have not been to daycare but only a handful of times since Briley's diagnoses nearly 2 years ago.  We had to keep both of them out of daycare to help prevent sickness from being around a lot of other kids.  Thankfully, we had the means to keep them home and I think it really helped Briley from getting sick.  She's not out of the woods yet when it comes to sickness.  It still can be very serious since her immune system is suppressed.  But, if anyone knows Briley, she loves school!  She loved going to daycare and she's extremely excited to be starting kindergarten this year!!!  Bryson also started daycare full time.  He likes going now and then, but not quite full time.  He's had a great past couple of days there and I hope it keeps up!
Really, the biggest thing for us having the kids in school is that we can start becoming "normal" again.  I cannot understate that.  It's nice just to be normal.  Yeah, Briley still has to take chemo, make monthly trips down to Cooks, and can't keep up with other kids, but we are now doing what everyone else is doing.
It's going to be nice for me also.  Before Briley's diagnoses, I was working 4 jobs. I had to give up two of them so I could keep the kids at home.  When I was working the truck, then Gloria would keep the kids.  Now I can start working more and get rid of this "house husband" title that I've given myself.  
KFDX channel 3 did another story on Briley going to her first day of school!  I posted a link to the news story below.  Just click on it to watch the story!  KFDX & Ryan has been awesome telling Briley's story and we thank them so much.  It's neat for us knowing that so many people are interested in and praying for Briley's recovery.  
Briley's first day at school went great until about the end of class.  Alicia happens to be her teacher.  So she has a little problem with minding momma during class!  Alicia says that Briley does good in the mornings, but the later it gets and the more worn out she gets, the less she minds momma/teacher.  Hopefully that will resolve itself in time.  But she had a great time.  She jumped out of bed at 6:30 that morning ready to go and did she ever!  
We are grateful to have Alicia has her teacher.  This was done so that Alicia can keep an eye on Briley since she still has several limitations.  The doc doesn't want Briley doing anything but walking.  No running/climbing/swinging/sliding and that kind of stuff.  Well, try to tell that to an active 5 year old in her first days at school!  At least Alicia can maybe keep her from doing the really "dangerous" stuff like hanging upside down from the monkey bars!!!
Most importantly - She's a kid again!!!

Briley's news story

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  1. I hadn't been over to this blog in a while, and this is all such good news! So glad to hear that both of your kiddos are doing well. Bryson seems to be growing up really fast here lately in his pictures you posted. Saw the news clip on Briley and her first day at school. Now who could watch that without tears of joy?! She looked so excited to be walking in line with all those kids in the hall! Thanks for sharing your news with us & letting us all be a part in praying your family through the hard times and the good times.


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!