Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Briley's Appointment

Just a quick update.  Briley's appointment/spinal tap/chemo went great today.  Her counts were good.  ANC - 1180!  It has leveled out again and we are happy with that.  Both her hemoglobin & platelets were great also!  
The spinal tap went good.  They no longer put her completely out. Instead, they use a mix of versed/fentyl for sedation.  She's pretty funny when the versed takes hold!  She never once complained about the needle in her back, other than she asked the doc what he was doing back there.  Miss Amy, the child life specialist, does a great job keeping her busy with games on the iPad when the procedure is being done.  
I guess no news is good news.  They take the spinal fluid out and look for leukemia cells.  They replace the same amount of fluid that is taken out with chemo.  Then she got another round of chemo through her port.  So far, so good.  We've kept her on nausea meds throughout the day.
We will wake up in the morning and head to Azle for the fishing tournament.  I'll will post more about that and the trip has a whole later on.  Right now, the kiddos need to get to sleep because 6:30 will come early for them!

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