Friday, July 6, 2012

Briley is back from camp. Six Flags

The 4 of us left out at 5:30 yesterday morning to Fort Worth for camp Sanguinity.  The camp is for kid's getting treatments at Cooks for cancer and other blood disorders.  The siblings also get to go, but Bryson is too young this year.  Alicia has had a lot of anxiety about letting Briley go and has worried and worried about it.  But in the end, Briley had a blast and that's what counts!
We dropped Briley off at Cook's and saw her off on the big bus!  She was so excited to ride a bus!
Bryson was sad because he couldn't ride the bus with Briley.  We decided to have a Bryson day.  Just to spoil him a little bit since Briley gets most of the attention and there are times that he feels left out.  So off to Six Flags we went!
Now, I almost turned around and left when we saw how much it cost just to park and get tickets.  Unreal.  But, we were there and he needed this time together and have fun.
We had no idea how he would react to the rides.  We tried out the log ride first.  He loved it!  So we went down it 2 more times.  Then the mini mine train a couple of times.  He was getting brave, so we went to the mine train.  That one started getting a little big for him and he didn't like it as much.  We ended the day on the boat that goes way up and splashes down.  Alicia didn't want to get wet, so him & I got the very front seat for the ride.  We splashed down, soaking wet, and he loved it!  He wanted to go back and do it again, but we were out of time (and exhausted).  We noticed a pattern.  If it involved floating on water in a boat, that was the ride for him!  That's my boy!  He's our 3 year old daredevil! 
We left Six Flags and Bryson was sound asleep before we got out of the parking lot!
We ran by Walgreens to pickup a chemo refill and then to Cooks to pickup Briley.  She came off the bus just a smiling and so were most of the other kids (that were awake)!  They all had a blast!  It was great sight to see!  These kids go through so much and it's cool that they get to share a fun time together and get to see each other at some place other than the clinic!  Briley said she loved swimming and the nature show!  She told us of a big snake that they had, but she didn't touch!  She love the lizard the most!  And she had a bag full of crafts they worked during the day.  Each kid was paired with an adult volunteer for the day. That made Alicia feel really good about letting her go, and she's glad that she did!  Hopefully Alicia will be able to volunteer next year, it would be right up her alley!  
Alicia and I are both sore and exhausted, but it was well worth it for both kids to have a great day!  We haven't been able to take a vacation for the past 2 years, but the rangers/six flags/camp/fishing trips are making up for that and it's nice that Cooks does these things for their kids.  
Our next trip to Cooks will be next Tuesday.  We will spend the night so we'll be there close for her 7:15 appointment on Wednesday.  It is the dreaded procedure day that comes around every 3 months. She will have the spinal tap with chemo injection.  Chemo through her port.  And start the 5 days of steroids.  Joy.
We will stay a second night and fish the kids tournament at Eagle Mountain Lake with the pros on Thursday!  I hope the side effects have passed from the previous day's procedure by then and we can all enjoy a day on the water!  
I think she only has 3 spinal taps left until she's done with treatment!  Awesome!  I'd like to thank the folks in Haskell for following along and sending cards.  Thanks!!


  1. Very glad that everyone had a GREAT day!

  2. So happy she had a good day, Bryson too !!!!!!!
    There is a "rainbow" at the end of so many rough, tough, painful journey & we pray that day will soon come.........


Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Briley! God Bless!