Friday, March 9, 2012

Counts have stabilized

Briley and I ventured up to the hospital yesterday for a count check. Everything looked great! Hemoglobin-12.2 Platelets-205,000 ANC-2100. Her ANC is high, which is great, but the docs want to keep the number right around the 1000 mark. I suspect the next visit at Cooks they will increase her 6mp nightly dose.
If all goes according to plan and by God's grace, she will be done with treatment about this time next year!
I was reflecting on everything this past year+. It has almost been a miracle that she has not been hospitalized at some point this past year since she's been back home. At times, her ANC were bottomed out. Her ANC was got as low as 32 during the DI phase. It stayed under 500 for quite a few weeks. Most kids have at least been hospitalized at some point, but not her. She's still not out of the woods yet, but this has been a true testament of prayers! We ask for your continued prayers for the next year. Thanks!

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