Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Steroids going strong!

Briley ended the 5 day steroid run yesterday. All was good until day 4. That's when the cravings set in and the attitude got a little worse than usual. We were prepared, or so we thought. We stocked up on frito pies in anticipation of the cravings. However, she craved spaghetti'os! So it's been spaghetti'os for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all in between. She's also had some back and leg pain from the steroids toward the end of the day. Thankfully, this round is over with for another 3 months and she'll be back to normal in a couple of days.
I've been asked to speak to the high school kids next week on the importance of donating blood. I am honored to be asked to do this. I too never thought about donating blood until Briley's diagnoses, but now I do it every time I get a chance. I also see the life saving benefits in my job. I'm not much of a speaker, but I pray that I can get the message across.
Alicia and I are still working with other parents planning the Curesearch walk in Wichita Sept. 15th. As soon as a location is set, the walk will then be posted on the Curesearch webpage. Teams can start forming at that time. We would love to have Team Briley in force at the walk! If you are unable to walk that day, you can sign up as a virtual walker! As you can tell, we are very excited about this. 100% of the monies raised at the walk will go straight to pediatric cancer research!

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