Monday, February 27, 2012

Cooks on Friday, counts are great!

Briley's monthly checkup at Cooks was this past Friday. Her counts were great! ANC - 2800! Her ANC is actually too high since she is on the 6-MP every night, so if it is still too high by the next appointment, they will increase her chemo dosing.
Tatum was in the clinic also. We met her and her family briefly a few months ago. At that time, Tatum was getting her very last spinal tap, however, she had relapsed and had to start all over. We have been following along on her blog since that time, so it was good to see her and she was doing great! I can't imagine having to start all over again as she had to do. I don't even want to think about it, but it is encouraging to see Tatum doing so good.
After the clinic visit, some of my friends picked me up and we went to Shreveport for the Bassmaster Classic! We all had a good time! Alicia, Gloria, and the kids went to Glen Rose and drove through Fossil Rim. Fossil Rim is one of these places that you drive through to see and feed the animals. I recommend anyone with kids to go there. This was Briley's 3rd time and Bryson's 1st. They both had a ball! Briley's favorite story is the giraffe licking the windshield and the turkeys that she wants daddy to shot, but not the one's in Glen Rose.
The CureSearch walk that we are helping to plan is coming together nicely. It will be Sept. 15th in Wichita at MSU - Sikes Lake. We would love to have you on Team Briley or you can form your own team! All of this is done online or you can do it they day of. I will make a separate post on here in the next couple of days with all of the information about the walk. One very important thing about the walks that I want all of you to remember is that 94 cents out of a dollar donated to CureSearch will go directly to pediatric cancer research! That is big!

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