Friday, May 27, 2011

Delayed Intensification has started

We left for Ft. Worth on Wednesday to stay the night since Briley's had to be at the clinic 7:00 Thursday morning. We left town around 5:00 Wed. afternoon and arrived at the Embassy Suites without any problem. Briley was very excited to be staying at a hotel! The place was very nice and we appreciate them giving us a great deal on the room. It was located in the middle of Sundance Square. We walked across the street to a mexican food place, ate, and back to the hotel. Alicia and Briley took a dip in the hot tub, but Briley was a little scared of the deeper water, so they didn't stay in long. I'm going to have to work with her on swimming!
We arrived at the clinic on time. Her port was accessed and blood drawn and tested. All of her counts looked great, so she officially started D.I. We went down to the Special Procedure Area (Spa) for the spinal tap. The tap went just fine, then we went upstairs for a echocardiagram, then back to clinic for a couple of rounds of chemo. She did very well with all of this and we are extremely proud of her for being such a big girl. The staff did a great job getting us in and out. We never had to wait long.
They said it will be a couple of weeks before her counts really start dropping to the point of isolation. That is wonderful news. She hasn't been feeling her best after the new chemo. We are just ready to get this phase over with. It will be a long and tiring process, but we'll get her there and better.
We go back for more chemo this Sunday (Day 4), then on Thursday (Day 8) and then again on Day 15. She has also started back on the dreaded steroids. After Day 15, she will have a little break before the second phase of DI starts. Until then, we'll keep pushing forward. Thank you for thinking and prayer for her.

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