Thursday, May 2, 2013

Briley is back to her old self!

Briley is back in school and feeling great!  No more fever, no more sinus infection, and the coughing is just about gone.  That's really good news!  She's missed so many days of school this year so it's a good thing that she's a smart little thing and able to move on to 1st grade next year!  Bryson has also gotten over the same crud and is feeling great!  He is also back in daycare and back to being a little tornado.  Thank you for your prayers!

Now, I've got to get something off of my chest, so please forgive me for the little rant I'm about to go on, but it will make me feel better to throw it out there.
I am sick and tired of seeing bald-headed kids being used for advertisements for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  It seems like here lately I see an LLS advertisement every time I turn around.  Why am I mad (I know you're asking that!)?  The LLS gives $0.02 to pediatric cancer research for every public dollar that is raised.  That's 2 pennies folks.  So if someone sees one of their ads with a bald-headed kid and donates $100 thinking that they will help the organization with pedi cancer research, little do they know that only $2 out of that $100 would actually go towards the intended cause.  I don't think that's right.  In fact, it's unacceptable.  There are so many other better organizations out there that would make better use of that money.  It's almost a slap in the face.  

Ok, I feel better!  

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