Monday, April 22, 2013

4/22/13 Update

I got into trouble for not updating the blog by a couple of people over the weekend.  I'm sorry for that.  A good bit has happened since my last post.

Both kids have been sick.  Mostly sinus infection stuff.  Briley also had an ear infection and is currently being treated for that.  Her fever got as high as 102.6 and we stayed up half the night with her.  About the time we started getting things ready to go to the ER, her fever would drop down.  We also knew that we had an appointment at Cooks the next day, so we waited until then.  

We went to Cooks on Tuesday for a regular checkup.  All of her counts came back good.  Her ANC surprised us a little bit because it was 1040 after being off chemo for 3 weeks.  The doctor assured us that it was ok and that her counts would not normalized for 3-4 months.  So that makes sense why she is sick & running fever for a week with sinus infection and Bryson is able to fight it off in a day.  Just another good reminder of the effects of chemo on the body.  

Briley still has a rash from head to toe.  The doc asked us to try a couple of things, but it's not working.  Alicia thought today that it may be clearing a little bit.  If it doesn't clear up soon, I'm calling Cooks for a referral to a dermatologist.  It's been going on for way to long and she's up half the night itching.  

To say the least, all of this sickness that's been going on for the last couple of weeks have been frustrating.  Briley is missing school, dance, & twirling.   Alicia or I have to take off work, I'm missing some of my school. We know the end is very near and cannot wait for her counts to normalize.  It will get here soon, but not fast enough.  

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