Friday, March 22, 2013

Pictures from Briley's last LP

 Briley in the middle of the LP.  She is getting a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide.  Alicia & Miss Amy are doing a good job keeping her occupied with the iPad.  This is why we love Cooks!  They take very good care of the kids and they try hard to make needle sticks as painless/scary as possible.  Even with the long needle going into her spine, she does not notice it and does not remember anything!

 Briley's last scheduled spinal tap!

Briley and Bryson having fun playing "I see" with the picture! 

Some reason, this is Briley's favorite part of the procedure!  She gets to decorate the mask with stickers while waiting and then chooses a flavor that she can smell during the procedure!  She loves the Rootbeer smell!  Once they turn on the Nitrous, she won't remember anything about the procedure!  Miss Amy, childlife specialist, is our favorite.  She is pictured holding the mask.  She's been so good to Briley over the last 2+ years and it's been a blessing to have her on the oncology floor.

The is a picture of Briley's very last chemo infusion.  It's called vincristine and it is partly responsible for her not able to run like kids her age should be able to do.  We are very happy that she won't be getting it anymore!  

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