Friday, February 22, 2013

Exciting news!

Bryson, Briley, and I traveled down to Cooks yesterday for Briley's appointment.  Her counts were great!  In fact, they were too good.  Her ANC was 3010.  It was really high, which is good for normal immune systems, but not suppressed systems.  We want to keep her ANC around 1000.  So, her doctor increased her nightly chemo dose.  Due to Briley's genetics, she's really sensitive to the chemo.  So even a small dose increase could bottom her counts out.  Because of that, she will have a count check in a couple of weeks and we'll go from there.  
Now for the good news!  Because of the good counts and because the flu is starting to fade away, Briley was released to go back to school!  She was so excited about it and she talked about going back to school nonstop on the way home!  I've never known any kid so excited to be going to school!  We've been very blessed that both kids have stayed healthy through-out the winter months and we are also blessed to have had the opportunity to use the robot!  We appreciate the school for making it available for her to use!
We'll keep an eye on her counts.  In the mean time, we'll enjoy each day as it happens and be thankful for what the Lord has provided.  We also thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers!

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