Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last Treatment before Maintenance!

Briley went in yesterday for a 10:30am appointment at the clinic for her last chemo treatment for Interim Maintenance II!! Her count check came back a little surprising, ANC 1900!!! We'll take it!! It's amazing to watch her mature through out this process. She no longer cries having blood drawn out of her arm. No more tears when her port is accessed and dc'd! I would have never though that a 4 year old would not be scared of needles! Anyway, she got the vincristine and methotrexate through her port along with zofran. She never got sick and maintained her appetite. She did sleep most of the way home, but after she woke up at the house, she played like she didn't have a chemo treatment that day. It's sad, but I think her body is getting accustomed to the chemo.
While Alicia and Briley were waiting for the chemo, Bryson and I slipped over to the hospital to visit Tucker. Tucker is a 14month boy from Seymour who was flown to Cooks a couple of weeks ago. He was been in the PICU undergoing dialysis. Tucker and Bryson played catch for a little bit, but he was hurting so we stayed just for a short time. He was about to get some pain meds and hopefully get a little rest. Please keep little Tucker in your prayers. He has had a rough past couple of weeks and we are praying that his kidneys will kick in and start working again.
Back at the clinic, we had a good long visit and a few questions for the doctor regarding the research study. The doctor reassured us and made us feel comfortable with our choice. So we signed the consent form. I now feel like we made the right decision. We won't know until the next appointment which arm Briley was randomized to.
She will begin Maintenance on the 27th of this month. She will go in for yet another spinal tap with chemo injection that morning and I really don't know what else will be done until we find out what treatment arm she is under. We will leave it up to God to take her down the path she is meant to go on. Only He knows best!

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