Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another treatment closer to being done!

Briley had her scheduled clinic appointment yesterday at Cooks. We arrived late as usual (never my fault, just don't tell Alicia that)! Briley's blood work and chemistries came back very good so she was able to proceed with treatment. She had the vincristine and an increased dose of the Methotrexate. We were very proud of her for not crying while getting her port accessed and dc'd! This was a first! The doses of Methotrexate increase with every visit and it shows it's ugly face after the Zofran wears off. Luckily, we were able to pull over in time and give her another round of nausea medicine before everything came up. She went all day without eating again due to the chemo. But today, she is doing great and she was able to go to dance class!
Another ugly side effect that we are just now noticing since dance class has started is that she is so far behind all of the other girls in the class when it comes to mobility. She will improve with that once the vincristine treatments are over with. She will have two more treatments this phase and then she will be in maintenance! The next treatment will be on the 29th. It will be another long day with a Lumbar Puncture with meds and chemo at clinic.
We are very excited to be leaving out Friday afternoon for Tulsa! Briley's friend, Gracie, who has just completed treatments for Neuro blastoma, has a team for the Curesearch event that we are attending. Both Briley and Gracie are very excited to be seeing each other and Briley is even more excited that she gets to stay the night at Gracie's house! We will drive home after the walk on Saturday. Curesearch raises funds for the COG research that Briley is a part of and we are happy to support such a wonderful cause. If you never heard of Curesearch, I can best describe it as being like Relay for Life, but funds pediatric cancer research. We will have a Team Briley team for the Curesearch walk in Ft. Worth that I believe is in April. Feel free to join us!

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